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Experience the RealGroup way to buy a home. As the basis of our company name, real is exactly how we describe every step of our process.

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The ultimate goal is to make sure your home is the right home. When we reach the closing table, you can rest assured that our brokers have had your back the entire time.

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From the moment you connect with us to begin your transition plans, to the time you close on your home and beyond, our unique joint service allows you one thing no one else can provide, time. Time to get to know this wonderful city and make a more informed home purchase, while renting a comfortable, centrally located interim home. RealGroup makes life easier.




From the initial phase of understanding the complexities surrounding your finances, we align our large network of mortgage brokers to match your specific your needs.

Each buyer’s financing requirements are unique, our team is has a profound understanding of the mortgage process.


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Once you have a firm understanding of your finances and how that will affect your home search, our brokers create a customized search for you, through advanced scouting and in-depth local knowledge.

Your time is valuable. We take pride in knowing that the RealGroup way best utilizes your time. 


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In any market, finding the perfect home is just the beginning. Not all offers are the same, let’s be real.  When it comes to winning a home, an eloquent offer will improve your ability to show up as a serious buyer, speed up the process and ultimately land the deal. 


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Even after you’re under contract, our RealGroup methodology continues to stand out. From title to inspection to due diligence, our level of detail is unmatched. The inner workings of the entire process are explained and validated to you as our client.

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The properties currently listed by our team are shown below – but we can help you buy (or even assist with a relocation to Denver) also! Contact our team if you have questions. 

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See where we’ve been and what we’ve done! Here is a snapshot of some of our recent sales. Ready to buy? Let’s talk!