March ’24 Market Report

March 6, 2024

The buying season kicks off with an intriguing twist as new inventory swiftly enters the market, driving competitive bids and keeping sellers firmly in control.

The start of our buying season has been quite fascinating. With the market quickly absorbing the leftovers from 2023, we’re now witnessing the emergence of new inventory – and it’s disappearing just as fast.

Quality homes, priced appropriately, are getting caught up in multiple offer situations. While we haven’t yet seen a significant surge in prices, bids are requiring a bit more competitiveness.

For sellers, the low inventory continues to keep you in the driver’s seat. It’s still very much a sellers’ market.

On the buying side, preparation is key! With inventory tight, especially for quality homes, it’s essential to consult with us to ensure you’re best prepared to secure your new home.

MAR 24 Denver Market Stats


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