wilson leonard

Managing Broker & Founder

Wilson Leonard is a Colorado native, born and raised in Denver with a long family history in Denver. He began his career in Finance and Accounting, acquiring a CPA and moving up quickly into positions of assistant controller at AIMCO and CFO at Qwest while beginning to invest in real estate in central Denver.  After acquiring 16 residential single-family investment properties throughout Denver, his passion and interest in real estate surpassed his interest in corporate finance. He chose to start his own company doing full-time real estate work, starting with residential mortgages in the early 2000’s, and soon adding residential brokerage services.

Given his financial background, he has been able to lend a more sophisticated view of real estate investing and financing to his clients. From the beginning, his real estate business has always been about providing value-added services to clients in a unique and useful way. Instead of relying on marketing and socializing to build a business, Wilson takes a real approach.  He wakes up each and every day and asks how he can make a difference through greater knowledge and expertise coupled with new and interesting product and service offerings with the RealGroup.  Those unique offerings currently include a like-minded team and over 20 single-family homes, which his company offers to clients for rent under short-term flexible options to assist in the transition while they navigate buying in Denver.

Wilson offers next-level knowledge, insight and support through the entire cycle of some of the biggest financial decisions clients will make in their lives, whether it is a buy- or sell-only transaction, simultaneous buying and selling, investing and managing multiple properties, or starting from scratch and relocating to the Denver Metro area. Today, Wilson is the founder and managing broker of RealGroup, the manifestation of Wilson’s vision of delivering all the attributes described above, but with the scale that comes with a brokerage team and the ability to offer these services to a wider audience. Both Wilson and the RealGroup team are here to meet all their clients’ real estate needs with creativity, ingenuity and dedicated attention.

“People can confuse themselves endlessly.”
- Nicholas Taleb