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Buying a house with Joaquin was genuinely a wonderful experience. This was my first home-buying experience, but I can confidently say 10 months post-purchase, that it was a great decision to work with Joaquin and place my trust in him. He was open to whatever we wanted to pursue and would work hard regardless, however, where he really went above and beyond was acting as a guide and a bit of a mentor. I was originally thinking of buying something in the suburbs, but Joaquin was able to gather that I would be much better suited with a property in the heart of Denver. I can say that my partner and I are so happy to be living in area with so much accessibility. Our house is perfectly suited for us and it has already shown to be a great investment. Truly can’t say enough positive things about Joaquin, and when we look to sell our house or purchase another property, he will be our guy!