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Bottom line, you won’t find a better realtor than Wilson. He is very knowledgable about every Denver neighborhood (down to particular houses that he has toured or sold before). He knows just about every realtor in town and/or has worked with them before. Most importantly, he actually cares about his clients and is not sales-oriented. As soon as I started working with him, I felt that he acted more as my business partner in educating me about the market and helping me make decisions. He was never pushy; in fact, he regularly talked me OUT of touring or making offers on certain houses that would be difficult to resell. He wants his clients to be happy. He’s genuinely such a great realtor and person, and I strongly encourage you to work with him. As a side note, he has a unique business of renting out his own properties short-term to his out of state clients while they are looking to buy. I was really impressed with the whole process and with his rental properties. I highly recommend this option for folks moving to Denver from out of state.